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All-Season Styles | Superior Sound Quality | Great As Gifts

All-Season Styles | Superior Sound Quality | Great As Gifts

all-season styles | superior sound quality | great as gifts


Tooks are premium audio beanies and headbands with built in headphones. Tooks were designed with winter sports in mind but can be worn year round. Our stylish headphone beanies and headbands come in all-season styles, available in warm weather fibers to keep you toasty during winter, or dryfit material which allows for ventilation when the weather warms up.

Finally, an efficient, yet stylish way to keep your music going. Wear your beanie or headband while you’re on the run, on the slopes, or hanging out at home. Stop fumbling with flimsy earbuds. Earbuds placed in your ear canals are uncomfortable and unstable. When you’re moving or on the run, loose earbuds are bound to fall out. They are impractical for any movement or activity. Even worse, they can fall out on their own without any movement at all. Tooks headwear holds the headphones in place so your music doesn’t go anywhere. Your music moves with you. They are great for the slopes, running, biking, skateboarding, any physical activity you can think of; Tooks even keep the music going in a cozy design while sleeping.

Our audio beanies and headbands come with our premium Tooks headphones. They are designed in a compact slim body to deliver high quality, wide range sound, and booming bass. The sleek design allows them to slip into the headwear without being seen, and keeps the wires invisible.
Our Bluetooth Stereo Headset Adapter allows you to wirelessly connect your beanie or headband using Bluetooth to your cell phone, or any Bluetooth capable device, for hands free capabilities. This allows for remote control of your music or phone calls or the hands free calling feature, so you can use your phone’s voice command.

Tooks are the perfect fit for any sports enthusiast or music lover. Our headphone beanies and headbands will keep you warm and keep your music going. And they make great gifts, you can’t go wrong!

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