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All-Season Styles | Superior Sound Quality | Great As Gifts

All-Season Styles | Superior Sound Quality | Great As Gifts

all-season styles | superior sound quality | great as gifts


How The Headphones Work

Unlike earbuds which can be uncomfortable and plug your ears completely, Tooks feature compact size removable headphones engineered for superior sound quality in a slim package design. The headphones are inserted into the inner layers of fabric hidden from view and can be adjusted to fit directly over the ears, providing a full and dynamic range of sound. A small piece of velcro helps keeps them in place once positioned. The fact that they’re removable also allows the headwear to be washed.

Headphone Specs

hphones_inserting Compact removable headphone speakers offer superior sound quality and comfort compared to earbuds. The thin speakers are about the size of a half dollar but pack a lot of punch! They’re inserted through a small slit inside the back of the hat.


All Tooks headwear is one size fits all and as a rule of thumb is for ages 13 and up.


We offer a 60 day return policy from the date of purchase. Please send us an email at if you wish to return or exchange an item.

Bluetooth Adapter compatibility with other headphones/devices

The Bluetooth Adapter has a standard 3.5mm jack so in addition to plugging in your Tooks headwear you can plug in any type of standard headphones, or connect it to other 3.5mm devices like a car stereo.
*Note to connect to stereos or other similar devices you will need a short 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable which is commonly available.

What the flip is a Took?

If you’re wondering how Tooks got its name, pronounced like the number 2, it’s derived from the French-Canadian word for a beanie hat which is “tuque” or “touque”. This was transformed into Tooks for a more modern look and feel. Take off eh.

Holiday Shipping Cutoff Dates

All orders are processed within 48 hours and shipped by USPS, with transit times slightly longer than usual this time of year. Use the table below as a guideline when placing orders intended to arrive by 12/24. Note for US orders there are expedited shipping options that can be selected in the shopping cart during checkout (the default US shipping method is $3 flat-rate First Class Mail). Intl orders should allow up to 2 weeks for delivery during the holiday season.

USPS Shipping Method Order By
US orders – Standard First Class Mail: Allow 5-7 days Wed Dec 17th
US orders – Expedited Priority Mail: Allow 3-5 days Fri Dec 19th
US orders – Express Next Day Mail: Allow 1-2 days Sun Dec 21st
Intl orders – Standard First Class Mail: Allow 2 weeks Sun Dec 7th
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$3 flat-rate shipping on all US orders. Low flat-rate shipping on International orders. Visit our Shop Page to order.

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