Tooks Sportband – DRYFIT, Color: Black
Tooks Sportband – DRYFIT, Color: Pro WhiteTooks Sportband – DRYFIT, Color: Pro PinkTooks Headphone SpecsTooks Bluetooth Headphones – Top ViewTooks Bluetooth Headphones – Specs

Tooks Sportband – DRYFIT w/ Bluetooth Option


Tooks Sportband – DRYFIT

Dryfit audio headband

Colors: Black, Pro White, Pro Pink

Headband with Headphones (ORIGINAL WIRED) – $22.95

Choose a Color:

Headband with Headphones (BLUETOOTH WIRELESS) – $32.95

Bluetooks™ – Choose a Color:

NOTE: All Tooks headwear comes standard with the headphones included. You can also choose to order the headwear only by selecting the option below instead.

Headband Only (no headphones) – $14.99

Choose a Color:

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