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Tooks Wireless Headphones with Mic


Tooks Wireless Headphones

All of the Tooks headwear products allow you to optionally order the hat or headband only.
You can also order the Tooks headphones separately here as an upgrade or replacement set (see also our Gen3 Ultra-Thin Wired version).

Tooks wireless headphones offer premium sound quality and allow you to keep your device safe in your pocket or holster without having to access it directly. Listen to music remotely (up to 30 ft range) from common wireless devices like your mobile phone, MP3 player/iPod, laptop, or tablet. The built-in microphone also allows you to handle phone calls and use your phone’s voice-command feature if available. When a call comes in and you answer it, the music will automatically be put on hold and then resume when the call is finished. Simple controls for Volume, Music Next/Previous Track, Music Play/Pause, and Call Answer/Hangup/Redial/Reject. A central USB charging port allows you to charge the headphones without having to remove them from the headwear.

• Premium sound quality
• Built-in microphone to handle phone calls and issue voice commands
• Call Answer/Hangup/Redial/Reject
• Volume Control, Music Play/Pause, Music Next/Prev Track
• Up to 30 ft range
• Fast charging, lasts up to 6 hours. USB charging cable included.

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